Wooden Knives

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Wooden Knives

What makes ecocare cutlery your choice

  • Our cutlery is biodegradable and disposable wooden cutlery is made of 100% renewable wood

  • Contains no chemicals and no preservatives added during production.

  • Certified with FSC® C148899

  • Indefinite shelf-life, if stored cool and dry

  • Proudly Australian owned

  • More importantly, up to 5% of the profit donated, our paper straw business is for a better Australia

  • $27.7/box (1,000 pcs per box)

Ecocare Cutlery Spec Details

Size: 165mm (L) x 210mm (W) x 1.8mm (T)

Material: wood

Colour: light brown



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 03 9056 9094



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