Benefits of replacing plastic straws with paper straws

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News and Facts

Benefits of replacing plastic straws with paper straws

Although paper straws are less convenient than plastic straws, they decompose quickly in the environment, contributing to reducing the burden of plastic waste.

To limit single-use plastic items, which are causing serious environmental impacts, many "green" alternatives have been born. For businesses, especially in the FMCG and dairy industries, paper straws are an optimal choice to replace plastic straws thanks to their properties suitable for packaging, transportation and bulk production. In Vietnam, the Nestlé MILO brand has joined this transformation.

Taking only 6 to 12 weeks to biodegrade, paper straws make waste disposal a lot easier than plastic straws. According to estimates by Nestlé MILO, this brand alone when switching to paper straws can help reduce nearly 700 tons of plastic waste each year.

However, this transformation puts businesses in front of many challenges when production costs are higher, the source of raw materials requires quality assurance, safety for consumers and no harm to the environment for the first time. again. But the biggest challenge is the acceptance of consumers. Because compared to plastic straws, paper straws are said to be more difficult to plug into a milk carton or softer when in contact with milk, making it difficult to provide a satisfying product experience.

The gain and loss when replacing plastic straws with paper straws on the scale, we realize that the immediate loss is reduced convenience, increased cost, but the gain will be long-term, for the environment and for the future. future.

Most people prioritize personal convenience first, while the burden on the environment is often seen as a "common father no one cries" problem. Because it is easier to use plastic straws, because not having to sort garbage at home is less tiring, so we not only cause direct harm to the environment, but also indirectly increase the hardship for those in charge of the work. garbage disposal.

Photographer Lekima Hung, famous for his 7,000km journey of garbage hunting, has witnessed countless haunting scenes of garbage in the places he has passed. He shared, many people often do not sort garbage at home because they think that when they go to the trash can, it all goes into one place, which makes no sense. "But in fact, there are still many people who are making a living and making a living from garbage. Sorting garbage at home not only helps those people suffer less, and avoid accidents such as hitting sharp objects, but also making garbage easier. have a greater chance of being recycled," said the photographer.
Ms. Anh Thu (a mother in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) was quite surprised and a little apprehensive when she heard that Nestlé MILO started using paper straws instead of regular plastic straws. She is afraid that a paper straw may affect her son Hoang An's enjoyment of milk. However, after experiencing the reality, her worries were gone. "MILO's paper straws can still be folded as usual, but it's stronger than I imagined. Even after drinking for a while, the paper straws soften, but this is the nature of eco-friendly products, so If I explain a little to my child, he will still be happy to drink," Thu shared.

According to a representative of Nestlé MILO, for businesses in the FMCG and dairy industries, the acceptance of parents and children plays a key role for businesses to be motivated to maintain green solutions in the long term, thereby eliminating Eliminate single-use plastic items completely. With milk cartons to drink every day, when children are used to using plastic straws, it is not easy for businesses to switch to paper straws, and also contains elements of gain and loss. "Therefore, it is very important for parents to understand the environmental value of paper straws, and not be afraid to help children get used to the new greener solution," emphasized the Nestlé MILO representative.


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